Interviews — 5 Min Read

New Perspectives on Woodcarving and Art

Interviews — 5 Min Read

New Perspectives on Storytelling and Art


Todays, new generations gradually began to move away from classical and traditional thinking. They use woodcarving for decorative purposes in their daily habitat. It began to be use in home decoration, cafe and bar decoration, and even jewelry decoration.

Crafting without limits.

Make your home a place of inspiration with home craft ideas! Gift your beloved ones with something special. Complete your everyday look to match your inner crafter. With Japanese woodcarving technics, you can tackle all your art and craft ideas. Revamp and upcycle old jars, picture frames and mugs into trendy decoration, personalise leather tags and wallets with your engraving or design your own hand-made jewellery. Amaze everyone with your astonishing DIYs!

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