Interviews — 5 Min Read

Japan Art Exhibition at Abu Dhabi

Interviews — 5 Min Read

Japanese Art Exhibition at Abu Dhabi


It is incredibly exciting to introduce the traditional Japanese Fine Art of woodcarving, outside of Japan for the first time.

I’m in the joy and excitement of doing something I’ve dreamed of for a very long time. I wanted to be involved in Japan’s culture and art promoting to the world. Woodcarving has evolved for centuries and has survived till the present day. It’s the most valuable way to teach our history to the next generation. The craft evolved into art over time. It is an honor for me to present my work, which I have learned from my masters for ten years and which I have developed by researching in my own studio over the past decade.

Modern Art Education

What I want to do most as the next step is learn World Modern Art. Learning new modern techniques to open up the world by developing the traditional Japanese Arts and Woodcarving.

Contemporary Performances

With the workshop we organized in this event, we made contemporary performances of traditional Japanese arts. I think that this will eventually affect the world’s modern art and create a new, more perfect artistic form.

Wood carving is one of the most ancient arts in Human History, it exists since the first men in prehistory, and it is considered the fundamental woodwork method. Carved designs appear in furniture design, in the building components of our homes and places of worship, in the household items we use daily and as mesmerizing and beautiful decorative sculptures.

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